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Welcome to AIAAOnline wbesite.

AIAAOnline is the India's No.1 job protal for Entertainment, Media & glamour industry.

  • Life becomes interesting when...

    Life becomes interesting when there is a possibility of a dream to come true. We are here to take care of your needs by clarity of vision & precise sense of direction with great optimism.

  • AiaaOnline.in will act as a bridge...

    AiaaOnline.in will act as a bridge between talents & film makers by introducing them to each other besides promoting them.

We are not biased by your physical appearance & the background you come from. All that is required is the zeal to move ahead in life & readiness to face the challenges with great enthusiasm.

AIAAOnline will act as a bridge between talents & film makers by introducing them to each other besides promoting them. AIAAOnline the "Database for Multi-Talent" provides a platform for artists & film makers to promote their talent & movies to audiences worldwide.

Dance 100%
Fashion Designer 90%
Makeup Artist 75%
Well Recognized 80%
Music/Singing 90%
Photography 55%

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This will automatically lead us to the service of the film industry as well as the artist. Together, we can & we will build a structure that will serve as a successful landmark for the artists & film makers in the future.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of having annual membership of AIAAOnline

  • Amplify your voice with national wide Artist identity:-

    Get your ARTIST CARD with us and score your identity as an artist. It not only gives you an identity as an Artist but it also protects your rights as an artist. The association act for the welfare of artists working in the industry. You must understand that having Artist card has nothing to do with you getting work. Getting work totally depends on the factors like your skills, requirements and many other things. Artist card is just for the welfare of an Artist.

  • Advocacy & Campaigns -

    AIAAOnline is actively involved in a number of areas of advocacy to improve the working environment for artists and arts organizations. We regularly undertake active campaigns to bring about change or pioneer new policies for the sector and encourage input and participation from our members.


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